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Gather In Flame Candle Co.

Snow on the Beach Candle Holiday Candles

Snow on the Beach Candle Holiday Candles

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Scent Description: This candle is inspired by the Taylor Swift song Snow on the Beach from her Midnights album. It's the perfect blend of ocean breezes and cool peppermint vanilla snow. The scent notes in Snow on the Beach include: creamy vanilla, peppermint, salty sea air, driftwood. 2023, Gather in Flame Candle Co. All rights reserved.  Candle information: ~ Seven ounce candle in amber glass jar with gold lid. ~ 45+ hours of burn time. ~ Custom blend of sustainable coconut and soy waxes. ~ Natural cotton wick free of lead and zinc. ~ Custom blend of phthalate free fragrance oils. ***Please note, buyer does not have the permission of Gather in Flame Candle Co. to remove or replace existing labels or to re-brand the product***

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