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apotheke dujardin

Soft n Supple by Apotheke Dujardin

Soft n Supple by Apotheke Dujardin

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Soft N Supple Body Lotion

Handcrafted with light, deeply nourishing base oils, shea butter, pure essential oils, and other beneficial ingredients to work wonders on your skin. 

Lather in hands, then apply as needed to the body in circular, massaging motions.

shea butter | rosewater | beeswax | lanolin | jojoba oil | holistic honey | lavender essential oil | chamomile roman essential oil | ylang ylang essential oil | juniper essential oil | neroli essential oil | simple tincture of benzoin

Lip & Nip Balm

Our best-selling product- The Lip & Nip Balm. Long-lasting and ultra-soothing. No lip too dry, no nipple too cracked. Great for lips of any condition, and the added lanolin is super pleasant on nursing nipples. It is safe for all ages, including nursing infants. 


This body scrub is extremely nourishing to the skin and aids in detoxification by exfoliating the skin. It will leave you feeling refreshed and very soft 'n supple.

massage all over the face and body in circular motions while showering to exfoliate and revive skin.

ground oats | ground corn meal | kelp powder | lavender herb | dead sea salt | holistic honey | apricot kernel oil | comfrey herb | holistic honey cappings | colloidal oats | vitamin e | simple tincture of benzoin | lemon essential oil | bergamot essential oil |  juniper essential oil. 

Face Cream

Experience our coveted Soft 'n Supple Face Cream. It's whipped and airy- yet extremely moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue behind. It is handcrafted with light, readily absorbable base oils that make it suitable for most skin types. It contains supportive ingredients to restore skin integrity and diminish discolorations and scars. Massage gently onto skin daily and before bed.

shea butter | apricot kernel oil | aloe vera gel | jojoba oil | colloidal oats | holistic honey | vitamin E oil | lavender essential oil | ylang ylang essential oil | sandalwood essential oil | simple tincture of benzoin

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