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Mixed Media: knowing where to start - February 16

Mixed Media: knowing where to start - February 16

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Materials will be provided by instructor. Students will be given an overview of the concept of mixed media and terminology that is necessary for the session. Discussion of range of materials including adhesives. This class will focus on creating mixed media creations utilizing concepts of color blocking, effective use of text and graphics alongside the random ephemera of life. Composition will be created using quick selection of bits and bobbles provided by instructor. Demonstration of asymmetrical color blocking and effective use of graphics. Instruction on use of bold line and the placement of line. Students will leave with a small creation utilizing collage, assemblage, color blocking and asymmetrical composition. Students will leave knowing how to successfully prep a canvas and build texture for a mixed media project. Students will leave with a base knowledge of how to adhere paper and objects to canvas, as well as design a successful composition with a focal point.

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