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Aroma Bath Salts

Aroma Bath Salts

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Ginger zingiber officinale may provide support for arthritis, bacterial infection, bruises, chills, colic, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, flatulence, fungal infections, gallstones, hangover, headache, indigestion, insect repellent, insecticide, jet lag, migraine, muscular aches, nausea, sprains, swelling, toothache, throat infection, travel sickness, varicose veins, and vomiting.

Grapefruit citrus paradisi may support anxiety and depression, stress, weight loss, and acne.

Lavender lavendula angustifolia supports acne, anxiety, insomnia, nervous irritability, and skin integrity issues.

Eucalyptus eucalyptus globulus supports pulmonary and nasal issues, muscle aches and stiffness, and skin problems.

Lemon citrus limonum brightens dull skin, relieves inflammation, improves complexion, brittle nails, and infections.

Epsom salts, mineral salts, and kaolin clay are extremely beneficial to all of the body's systems.

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